Awaken the Giant Within Summary and Review

Tony Robbins has become a household name in America thanks to his aggressive marketing prowess and personal energy. Many consider him to be the embodiment of the personal transformation guru and his motivational speeches can leave the audience pumped up and ready to take on the world.

This Awaken the Giant Within summary and review will discuss what type of material you can expect to find in this top rated self help book, in addition to a discussion on some of his more important points and what you can expect in terms of strategies and results.

Awaken the Giant Within Review

This book was published in 1991. The book starts off with Robbins in an aircraft, on his way to his sold-out seminar. He spots a building down below, where just ten years earlier he was employed as a janitor and he reflects on that period, where he found himself lonely, overweight, and demotivated and broke. Now, he’s happily married, in shape, and worth millions. The author clearly knows that the best way to promote his products is by sharing his life experiences and the struggle he went through to climb his way to the top.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The source of the author’s methods, NLP, was pioneered by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It arose out of a study regarding how non-verbal and verbal language can affect the nervous system. The premise is that a person is able to control their nervous system so that their actions, while seemingly natural, are actually programmed. Another key is that people should model the behaviors and actions of more successful people in order to achieve the same wealth and success.

The author’s talent involves marketing, refining and exposing neuro-linguistic programming to a general audience. This book gets the reader’s imagination in motion by creating possibilities in their mind. At the same time, the book does a fine job of providing the practical, essential steps that need to be taken in order to achieve their goals.

The Life-Shaping Force

The author views pain and pleasure as essential life shaping forces. A person can either let them be controlled by it or learn to understand it to suit their purposes. By linking pleasure and pain with a thought or an activity, people can change who they are.

Instead of the events in a person’s life shaping them, it’s their belief about what those events mean that have the most effect on a person. How someone sees the world can virtually alter everything about their life.

All progress occurs by questioning limitations. If a person asks themselves a quality question, they’ll get a quality answer. They must use the power of words to transform actions and thoughts. The author states that all leaders are readers and that by reading a person can make important distinctions based on the experience of others.

A person must determine exactly what they want to achieve, and write it down in order to realize it. They must focus on where they want to go, not where they’re afraid to go. It’s important to make a decision rather than fantasize about who they are and what actions need to be taken. By looking at the personal rules a person currently lives by and creating new ones, only then can they develop the drive to fulfill their destiny.

Tony Robbin’s Message

The author’s message has mass appeal because everyone believes there is much more to us than what people see on the surface. The world is used to dismissing ideas as unrealistic and unreasonable. People are taught that they can’t do what their heart desires and after a period of time they begin to accept that as fact. But the author claims a person that’s truly successful will refuse to be reasonable.

Why You Should Read this Book

Awaken the Giant withinThe author gives readers a practical way to take control of every aspect of their lives. The book shares some amazing tips regarding how to take actions on the decisions we make. The author does a great job of dispelling the myth that it takes a very long time to change. He points out that change can happen in a single moment that the process that leads up to the change it what takes the most amount of time. He makes you think of all the ways you can use this principle to change bad habits that have prevented you from succeeding. The goal is to use new empowering behaviors that create and support the type of future you’ve always wanted.

The book also covers techniques and strategies for mastering the five areas of life: time, finances, relationships, physical body, and emotions.

It’s all too common for people to listen to an audio tape or read a book, set it down and never do anything with the information and techniques they learned. The author does a great job of encouraging the reader to take action as they read this book.

There are a number of great techniques and ideas that the author shares that can be put into action immediately. This will help readers to move in the right direction in life that they’ve always wanted. Readers love that the book is full of solid, actionable ideas that can be life changing.

Are There Any Drawbacks to this Book?

The only drawback many readers briefly touched on was the publication date. The book was written in 1991, which can make many readers wonder if the material in the book is even relevant in this day and age. But you’ll not only find that the material is still relevant, it’s as powerful, inspiring, and as effective as it was when the author first wrote it. Overall, most readers can agree it’s a great buy.

Final Thoughts

Just like all of the other books written by Tony Robbin, this book is very motivating and inspiring. It will provide the reader with the strategies and techniques they need to use to change their life, creating the type of life they’ve always wanted, while becoming the person they have always wanted to be. If you haven’t read anything by the author, we definitely recommend you pick Awaken the Giant Within, for some eye-opening information that will immediately hit home with you.  This book can give you the drive you need to make those important life changes happen in order to reach the goals you’ve always dreamed of achieving.

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