TD Jakes Quotes That Will Inspire You

TD Jakes is a filmmaker, pastor, and author. He’s currently the bishop of the Potter’s House, a church with more than thirty thousand members. Additionally, his evangelical messages are broadcast around the world on such networks as BET, The Miracle, The Word Network, the Daystar Television Network, and Trinity Broadcasting Network.

TD Jakes inspires people through his service, sermons, and writings. He believes that if you plan on succeeding then you cannot give up, you must persevere through the situation.

In this article you’ll enjoy reading some of the best quotes by the pastor, in addition to the review on one of his bestselling novels.

The following TD Jakes quotes are very popular among his followers for their inspiring and motivational messages.

Popular Quotes by TD Jakes

•    “If you’re unable to figure out your purpose, you must figure out your passion. Your passion can lead you to your purpose.”

•    “Every day is god’s gift to you. What you do with your life is your gift to him.”

•    “No woman wants to be submissive to a man who’s not submissive to God.”

•    “It’s passion that empowers you to do the things you were created to do”

•    “Resist your fears. Fear will never lead you to a positive end.”

•    Forgiveness is all about empowering the self, not empowering your past.”

•    It’s never wise to make a permanent decision regarding temporary situations.”

•    “God has invested too much in you for you to be satisfied with anything less than what you were created to be.”

•    “Failing to forgive will deny the victim of the possibility of parole. It leaves the victim stuck in a prison of what was.”

•    “A whole man will attract a whole woman.”

•    “Sometimes, the thing that makes us vulnerable and insecure is what becomes the fuel we need to achieve greatness.”

•    “When you stop fixating on appearing successful or winning the prize and instead work to pursue your passions, you’ll discover the fulfillment that comes from living by instinct.”

•    “Every hardship will humble you, but they cannot break you unless you let it”

•    “Don’t lose your self-respect and dignity trying to make people appreciate and love you when they’re not capable of it.”

Most Inspirational Quotes

TD Jakes Most Inspirational Quotes

•    “A woman who walks with purpose doesn’t have to chase opportunities or people. Her light will cause opportunities and people to pursue her.”

•    “You often face your greatest opposition when you’re the closest to your biggest miracle.”

•    “We all set out to make a difference in the world. The first step is to change your own world.”

•    “Most of the time we end up so wrapped up in reaching our goals that we tend to miss the opportunity to take a moment to be thankful for what we have achieved.”

•    “Once you begin to realize that your past doesn’t dictate your future, you can then release the hurt. It’s impossible to breathe new air until you release the old.”

Popular TD Jakes Books

Considered by his following as America’s best preacher, TD Jakes has become a household name and a revered authority among many Christians. His popular book titled Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits is a bestseller and a book that got many people hooked on TD Jakes and his teachings. People have come to rely on him for spiritual guidance and the motivation to lead a fuller life.

His writing style consists of many life experiences, which allows him to appeal to the reader as one who has a genuine desire to help people by exploring the common problems everyday people experience.

His book Reposition Yourself features fifteen chapters. The first portion of the book is aimed at encouraging the reader’s ambition by exploring what the author calls an addiction to apathy. The second portion of the book focuses on finances and how to be more successful. The last section of the book is devoted to women’s issues and the legacy of success.

So, How was TD Jakes’ Newest Book Received?

Simply put, this book consists of both pragmatic steps coupled with the wisdom of scripture. It offers a unique blend of religion and finance. But this blend can lead to an erroneous outlook on the world and success as a whole. While each of the chapters starts off with a verse that’s meant to serve as biblical support for the included teachings, the readings of these verses focus not on Christ’s offer of salvation but the pursuit of temporal success.

While some readers may want to defend how the author interprets scripture to fit his story, his claim that the Bible is a sort of roadmap to a better life implies that the word of God is about a person’s goals, desires, and ambitions, a claim that some are bound to find offensive.

Final Thoughts

TD Jakes’ latest book is basically a religious pep talk designed for people who are feeling stuck and desire a major change in their lives. The author wants his readers to break through the limits of class, gender, and race, all of which can hold people back from their real potential.

The author suggests developing your own mission statement for who you are and what you’re about. He feels life is about change and growth, which is why people shouldn’t get upset by denial and delay. Responsibility, work, and faith are what make dreams realities. The author believes that a person’s addiction to apathy is something they must avoid at all costs. Instead, a person can learn from their mistakes, cultivating the mind of a champion.

The most crucial part of repositioning yourself in life is through financial health and debt reduction. The author states that if a person must be handcuffed by the limitations of their environment, peers, or upbringing, then they will then discover an endless source of resilience and self-confidence. The preacher offers a positive message throughout that will no doubt encourage fellow Christians to make important changes that can set them on the right path towards a more fulfilling future.

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